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mediationIs mediation right for you?

  • Are you getting divorced?
  • Do you have a paternity case?
  • Do you need to understand a parenting plan?
  • Do you need help creating a budget for two households?

What is mediation?
Mediation provides the opportunity to make smarter joint decisions about how to structure the future of two families.  It provides a comfortable environment to clearly think through mutual interests concerning property, child support, alimony and parenting.

Why mediate?
Meditation can create order out of the chaos and dysfunction of divorce.  A detailed, well-planned map of the future can aid in the healing process.


If there are children, the most important part of the divorce process is making a plan for the family moving forward as two separate households.  Research has shown that it is not the divorce itself that damages children, but the intensity and duration of the conflict between parents. Workability between co-parents is the key.

As co-parents, listening to and meeting the children’s needs is essential to their future.  If parents respect each other, the self-esteem of the children will remain intact. We specialize in creating the best possible parenting plan for the family.